Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing

We specialize in offset, small- to large-format flexographic printing. This unique capability allows us to run multiple substrates. We’re fast, safe and reliable!

Our Prepress Department Offers:

  • MAC-based, Windows compatible software
  • 100% CTP (computer-to-plate) systems

Our Press Department offers:

  • Offset printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Small- and large-format printing

Our Finishing Department offers:

  • Die cutting
  • Folding
  • Poly-bags/shrink wrapping

Smart Technology

Cutting edge technology, including modern presses, napkin machines and die cutting equipment are of the finest quality. We will meet or exceed your demanding production requirements.

Computerized pre-press, direct-to-plate technology. We can handle nearly all software requirements.

Food Packaging Expertise

At GMSP®, we understand that food packaging has an extensive range of labeling demands. We specialize in large-format, full-color, food-safe custom label printing to one- and two-color pressure sensitive food labels that range from high volume retail freezer application to private label specialty products.

More than a supplier, GMSP® provides regulatory and industry information as well as packaging resources to support client compliance and product development:

  • Current food and nutritional labeling requirements
  • Product prototyping – supporting design, execution, revisions, and commercialization
  • Packaging compatibility – materials and inks engineered to specific product requirements
  • Vendor managed inventory – supporting pricing, inventory turn and lead times

Pressure Sensitive Food Grade Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are the most common type of label used in the label converting industry today. These labels have largely replaced paper labels that were adhered with glue to a product’s packaging. “Pressure sensitive labels” mean that the application of the label to the substrate simply needs pressure to stick. Pressure sensitive labels are chosen over glue applications because of the smooth look it creates, contouring around a product’s packaging as well as its longevity.

Because pressure sensitive adhesives are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, special adhesives are used in order to assure the labels hold up in these more extreme environments. Our experienced technical experts can guide you through the material selection and qualification process.

Excellence in Design

Whether you supply finalized digital production art or you need help with new product designs, our team of talented design professionals make sure your product meets the market in top form. 

Offset Printing

Offset printing presses use aluminum plates, which transfers images onto a rubber “blanket”, and in turn, rolls that image onto a sheet of paper. It’s called offset because the ink isn’t transferred directly onto the paper.

Offset presses run efficiently and are often the best choice when larger quantities are needed.

Our food-safe offset printing process can accommodate up to eight-color designs. Offset printing provides accurate color reproduction, crisp, clean professional looking printing and maintains graphic fidelity to the highest degree.

We use the latest color management tools to ensure consistency of your product’s brand identity.