Advocating for businesses, economic development, city beautification, and tourism.

The City of Oconto is a great place to live and operate a business. Plus, Oconto is a popular travel destination. The community, located on both the Oconto River and the waters of Green Bay, is surrounded by natural beauty and many excellent outdoor recreational opportunities.

The Oconto River and Green Bay, both known for great fishing, are accessible from Breakwater Park and Holtwood Park and Campground. Holtwood Park is located along the bank of the Oconto River and offers a variety of recreational activities.

The Oconto Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting and promoting tourism in the local community. Additionally, the Chamber advocates for the member businesses operating in the Oconto area. The Chamber sponsors events, promotions, and networking opportunities to support economic growth and profitability.

Chamber membership brings prestige and credibility to local businesses. Recognized at leaders in the community, Chamber members earn positive brand awareness and exposure for their businesses.

GMSP is looking forward to engaging more with the community.